April 21, Volunteer Project

Volunteer (n)
The act of a person doing something awesome for someone or something else’s benefit and that person’s personal enrichment.

Looking for a fun, adventurous, challenging volunteer project? Well, if you’re not afraid to sweat, get involved in splash fights, meet new people, and do something truly awesome then this is the volunteer project for you.
Here’s what you should know about the most unconventional Volunteer Project ever:

We will be hunting down and removing invasive species from the area, seeking and destroying trash in the stream, and other crazy stuff.

What do I mean by other crazy stuff? Let’s just say you’ll want to bring your wicked innovative mind power.  Sure, this project is about doing the awesome volunteer project, but who says there can’t be adventures along the way? Start thinking green and innovative and come prepared to compete in group challenges to win official Festival T-shirts from LifeWork, and other products from LunchSkins and Eco-artware.com!

The first 50 Volunteers will receive a free water bottle from Brita FilterForGood. the day of the event.

Sound like fun? So jump on in, sign up below, and join the other volunteers just waiting to get dirty and start the fun.
Bringing a friend? Awesome! Refer them to this page to sign up as well!


7 responses to “April 21, Volunteer Project

  1. Hi, unfortunately, we are not on the MCPS approved SSL list. However, you can talk to your school official about still receiving service hours for the volunteer project.

    If your school has further questions, they can reach the event organizer, Caitlyn Hutchison, at 301-357-0390.

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  3. where would I go for the picking up trash project and I saw it said from 9-3 but I can’t get to college park until around 11 can I still participate?

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